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I am often asked questions: how to choose a retro car, what you should pay attention to when buying a specific classic copy, how much it will cost to restore this or that oldtimer, is it worth buying "this" retro car, how the price of this model will change, is the cost "in the market" and others.

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Let's start with general recommendations for choosing a retro carA classic car has much more charm and charm than a modern mass-produced vehicle. Retro cars are not just means of transport, they differ from the norm in many ways, which automatically makes them special and allows the owner not only to stand out from the crowd, but also to show their character and individuality. However, the purchase of an oldtimer has several distinctive features: the nuances of selection and registration, specific requirements for operation, maintenance and insurance, i.e. requires specific knowledge. Let's try to figure out what pitfalls a potential buyer of a retro car can expect.
To all the people who say, "I want to buy a vintage car, but I don't know which one," I recommend starting with a list of "5 desirable cars." This will make the choice easier and allow you to focus your further efforts. For this:

1. Decide what you need a car for. Are you going to use it every day or as a "weekend" car? Do you need a convertible and are you planning trips in winter? Is a sports car right for you or do you need a big car for sedate family outings? Do you want to participate in exhibitions and retro runs and how important is the originality of the design. Whether you are planning a purchase as an investment or the issue of further price growth is not a priority when choosing.

2. Think about your purchase budget. A retro car doesn't have to be expensive. There are many classic cars that you can buy for very modest money.

3. Determine the brand, model, country of origin. In addition to the legendary brands: Mercedes-Benz, Maybach, Jaguar, Bugatti and others, there are many other equally famous Bucciali, Voisin, Duesenberg, Delage, although not so famous, but often producing very interesting cars worthy of your attention.

4. Car restoration always costs more than you think. Restoration work on the car is taking longer than you expect. Unskilled restoration of a collectible vintage car can negate all costs.

5. Consider seasonal maintenance and repair of your retro car. The rarity of the selected copy is certainly an advantage in terms of investment attractiveness, but it can negatively affect the search for the necessary parts and original components.

6. Consider the issue of storage and conservation of your retro car. The ideal option, of course, is a closed ventilated room, with a controlled temperature regime, to protect against negative environmental influences.
I hope that you are serious about buying your classic car, and the car will give you a lot of positive emotions.