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1948 Morris 8/40 Series E Coupe - Very Complete & Minimal Rust

$ 1550

Date of Manufacture:194800
Model:8 Series
Right, Left Hand Drive:Right-Hand Drive
Modified Item:No
Fuel Type:Petrol
Car Type:Restoration, Salvage
Engine Number:118969
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Body Type:Coupe
For Sale by:Private Seller
Engine Size (litre):1
:“At least 99% is there. What is unusable can still make for a great indicator of the original colour, shape, size, texture, etc. All original bolts, interior cloth, rubbers, almost everything. Not all usable as is - but there for reference. Engine cranks by hand and has compression. Happy to send many more larger photos if you want - just ask.”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

1948 Morris Eight Series E 2 door coupe in two tone - Green with Black Fenders.
Engine # [hidden information]
Chassis SE/E # [hidden information]
Odometer Reads 95792 miles
Rear Axle / Diff has been flipped around to sit underneath the rear leaf springs (normally on top) - making the car easier to get on and off trailers without scraping - the rear of the car normally sits about 4 inches lower than in photos. Motorcycle slick tyres just added to keep the wheels off the ground when rolling around - they aren't usable.
Was going to turn it into an electric powered ratrod, but haven't gotten anywhere and want some house deposit money. Use it as rodder fodder or for a matching numbers restoration - would suit either. Most of the dead bits would be changed on a hotrod anyway, right?
Pickup preferred from Seaford VIC (in Melbourne) or can personally deliver Australia wide once the borders are open if you are willing to put down a deposit. Message me for actual cost of delivery - but ballparks around $200 if you're inside Melbourne, $500 somewhere else in Victoria, a thousand for NSW or eastern SA, a couple of thousand if you're somewhere in WA / QLD / NT / TAS.
It's in pieces, with delicate old glass, so won't easily ship via a freight company.
It is an unrestored steel car that is over 70 years old, so yes, it has some rust. But not as much as you'd expect for that age. Most rubbers and plastics will need replacing too. And most of what is left will at least need a good service.
Information about Morris 8 Series for sale on this page. See price and photos of the 8 Series Morris
But you won't find a more complete unrestored 70 year old car - at least 99% is there. What is unusable can still make for a great indicator of the original colour, shape, size, texture, etc.
Happy to send many more larger photos if you want - just ask.
I purchased it from a guy on a farm in South Australia (as you can see from all the paperwork and plates) where it had lived in a barn for years, and in the time I've owned it we have kept it undercover in a locked garage and with the engine full of oil. The previous owner told me the diff had been rebuilt before sitting up, but that was decades ago probably, and I wouldn't chance it myself.
Excellent Bits:
Shell and chassis in great condition for age
One of the only cars I've ever had with no rust in the spare wheel well!
All the original nuts and bolts kept in containers
Undercarriage has been primed at some point
Roof in great condition - interior surface rust appears to be from glue and some foam residue
Wood floors remade at some point - good condition
All window glass is there and beautifully clear - no chips, scratches, etching, etc
Glass headlight lenses also great condition
(As far as I can tell) All interior trims including glass light cover are there and usable
Complete instruments set - speedo in car, fuel and temp gauges in a box
Both window winders still working fine - windows open easily
Both door catches and interior handles working fine, door hinges too
Both door cards in quite decent condition
Super cool wind-out windscreen still works fine
Both front seats in dry slightly scabby but usable condition and fold forward fine
All controls present and in fairly good condition - handbrake assembly, gearstick & knob plus rubber gaiter, blinker lever, light switches, steering wheel plus horn button (and electric horn), pedals (rubber pedal faces are there but not so great)
Both original lit trafficators (semaphore side flippers in B Pillars) both sides seem to move & click fine
Bootlid is rust free, has working lock/knob and still works fine on original hinges and stays
Bonnet is surface rust only, working hinges
Original Jack and Engine hand crank
Matching numbers Flathead (Sidevalve) 918cc USHM engine cranks by hand and has good compression and no oil leaks - great candidate for a rebuild - all original brass tags and casting numbers visable
All intake gear - SU sidedraught carb, oil bath air filter assembly with wire gauze element and manifold, original fuel pump
All engine electrics - ignition coil, starter motor assembly, generator with radiator fan and original fan belt, spark plugs, (and some non-original ignition leads but they fit)
Original radiator, overflow tank, cap, hoses and clamps
Clutch, flywheel, pressure plate, clutch cable all look fine and usable
4 Speed Manual with Synchro on 2nd, 3rd and 4th (pre Series E had no synchro at all)
Driveshaft with universal joints in usable condition
Differential turns fine - no obvious leaks
All four leaf spring units solid and in good condition
Wheel hubs all spin fine - original narrow steel artillery wheels with 4 matching Morris hubcaps
Fuel tank with original filler neck and cap, mounting straps (looks like it's had an internal electric pump installed at some point)
Chrome front and rear bumpers, mounts, very early SA hand painted plates (323.913) with original brake light
Period correct aftermarket wireless radio unit - contains speaker too
The original Owners Handbook - which is full of deatiled info - and also a work of art with gorgeous diagrams and photos
An extremely thick photocopied BMC Morris Eight E / Ten / Minor DIY Workshop Manual - published by SP Manuals
Some other paperwork - RAA of SA Condition Report dated 1951, old rego slips, a receipt for work from 1970
NOS new (very) old stock Speedo Cable Inner
Front, Rear and Bonnet emblems all in fairly good condition
Less Good But Still There Bits (some highlighted with pink circle in pics):
Front Grille has been dented in slightly
Seems to be a couple of small welded in patches on the chassis
Rear bench seat cover is split - still has metal frame, springs, coir stuffing and wooden backboard, but leather cover is split all around
Carpet pieces are there but very tatty
Remnants of the original rooflining
Many of the original wood fixings for upholstery
One of the rear wheel tub upholstery covers still in place and ok
Remnants of the door and window rubbers for size and cross section
Original fluid lines - except hard brake lines, but still have the original nuts and flexi lines, you will just need new flared bundy tubes for them
All suspension rubbers including bumpstops - but they will all need replacing
All four lever action friction shocks - one has had some welding so not sure of usability
Rubber engine and gearbox mounts - but they are perished and liquidizing
Water inlet and outlet pipes for the engine are fairly corroded at the hose ends - maybe still usable, but not great sealing
Exhaust header is there - engine mounting side ok, but other side rusted away
Drivers Side Outer Door Handle has snapped - still have all mounting hardware and the two broken segments
There is a broken mounting on the front drivers side panel in front of the door handle - it has a wire going to it, but no other Morris Eights seem to have one so I don't know what it is... maybe former radio aerial?
Passenger Side Front Fender has a basic repairable dent in it
Aluminium Body/Chassis Info Plate in engine bay is mildly corroded and a little difficult to read
Rear Drivers Side Fender still has the original rubber guard on it - but not the other side
All Fender Mounted Blinkers are crack free - but the plastic is rough and opaque and could probably all do with replacement
Some holes have been punched into the boot floor at some point - no idea why - will need filling in
Some small rust spots in the boot floor have been covered by a crap plate tack welded on the underside
Small tool kit in original leather pouch and wallet - leather is falling apart
Bad Bits (highlighted in pics - circled in Pink):
Three of the tiny thin rusty six studs on the Front Passenger Wheel Hub snapped off in the (basically welded on) nuts - and then one of those nuts has disappeared over the years
Rusted through in both rear wheel arches
Slightly rusted holes in front passenger wheel arch
Rusted through in both rear side rocker panels / running board lumps
Rusted through rear valance panel
Rusted through in Battery Tray area - whole area circled in green has fallen off and is being held in by hand on pics
Rusted through on the mounting edges and lower corners of all fenders
Distributor Cap missing
Front-most wooden floor boards missing
Rear Number Plate mount completely rusted away
Most of the exhaust missing
No original keys for the locks
Missing Chrome center strip from bonnet
No wiring harness - rubber had disolved into a big tar coated copper puddle - no use for tracing original colours or sizes
No original tyres or inner tubes - they were turning into black powdery mess all over my garage
Please note: I have listed this little beauty in a few different places, so it may be sold at any time.

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Item ID: 203799
Sale price: $ 1550
Car location: Seaford, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 15.02.2021
Views: 19
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1948 Morris 8/40 Series E Coupe - Very Complete & Minimal Rust
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