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1949 Moto Guzzi

:Used - currently not running Year:1949 VIN (Vehicle Identification Number):24826 Mileage:9999 Vehicle Title:Clean Make:Moto Guzzi
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Seller Description

I have owned this GTV for 7 years and have never tried to start it.I am moving and it is time to let this one go.
Year listed is open to interpretation, it may be a 1947 or 48. 1949 is shown on the title.
Frame number is 24826Engine number is V78716
The engine has good compression and has spark when kicking it over.It has a new oil tank on it that has not been painted.Exhaust needs a stud going into the head.Comes with a parts manual and gasket set.
The GTV was the predecessor to the Astore and the Falcone.The GTV is 500cc and has an open valve design.
This is a restoration project or keep it the way it looks and refurb what is there.Motorcycle is 99% complete but is missing a couple of things like a cable and possibly other small items.
If you have questions please let me know.Transportation is the responsibility of the seller.
Deposit after auction and full payment needed within 10 days.

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Item Information

Item ID: 256540
Motorcycle location: Cameron, Wisconsin, United States
Last update: 18.02.2022
Views: 286
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1949 Moto Guzzi
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