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1963 valiant ap5 push button auto regal slant great project

$ 3435

Car Type:Collector Cars
Body Type:Sedan
Type of Title:Clear
For Sale by:Private Seller
:“EDIT : HAD THE ENGINE RUNNING TODAY STILL DRIVES GOOD ENOUGH TO MOVE..Great project rust in usual spots more info in description due to being jerked around twice, no buy now that way i can see whos buying any of the last idiots that did buy now will be deleted”
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Seller Description

Had to relist due buy now faround so now I’m reposting at 4500 start whatever it goes for it does. no buy now sorry!!!!! This car is a great project to restor or bog it up and drive it. It’s a regal with all the trims some damaged but all there I had it running for a short time with a fuel can in the engine bay. It ran ok drove auto seemed work and stopped. Couldnt run it up and see anything else as it needs thermostat housing and hoses. It has rust in : all the Bolt on panels. Boot and bonnet not worth the effort Lh outer sill Lh dog leg Lh lower rear quarter rh rear lower quarter rh dog leg rh front hinge piller rh plenum lh plenum rhf floor. All of which is reparable. Outer body is pretty much orginal apart from rh corner damage. This car is 99% complete and original apart from missing radio and bezel. It’s got blue interior with blue carpet on lower door trims. Front seat is good has has small repair and some small rips right at the bottom ok out of sight. Rear seat is great door trims as well carpet is nearly gone. Original dash control heater. Boot floor is good from a quick look original jack floormat etc.
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mechanically it’s original running gear from what I can tell like said it drives, well it did 2 years ago and Im sure it will now. Brakes work but need some tlc. Ask questions whatever I’ll get to them. Don’t bid if ya can’t follow through ffs.

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Item Information

Item ID: 213432
Sale price: $ 3435
Car location: Buchan, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 4.05.2021
Views: 13
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1963 valiant ap5 push button auto regal slant great project
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