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Used 1964 Bultaco TSS 125 Used 125L

Mileage:not applicable
Exterior Color:red and silver
Engine Size (cc):125
Model:TSS 125
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Type:GP road racer
Vehicle Title:Clear
:original unrestored condition as raced. never crashed, never seized. original engine with serial number matching frame. has been sitting in my dry garage the past 45 years. hasnt been started in approx 25 years but the engine is free and has good compression. tires still hold air. seat cover has no rips or tears but the padding is dried out. the bike has not been cleaned or polished with the exception of wiping the tach glass with a damp rag. please inspect the photos carefully as they are an essential record of the vehicle condition.
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Seller Description

In 1964 I went to Europe to run the Continental Circus GP races. Prior to that I had been in France for three years running French National Races. The Bultaco TSS 125cc listed here went with me for the 1964 GP season along with a 500cc bike for the 500 class. Three photos show the Bultaco in its day. Two were taken at the Isle-of-Man and one (from a magazine clipping) at the French Grand Prix in Clermont Ferrand.
I bought the bike new from the Joe DeSimone dealership in Philadelphia in March of 1964 and raced it only one season. It is a TSS model with the 6-speed gearbox. It has never been crashed and the engine has never been seized.The throttle, cable and carburetor slide are free and functional. It's been stored in my garage for the past 45 years. It hasn't been started in probably 25 years but the engine is free and has good compression. The transmission shifts through all 6 gears.
As the photos (all taken this April 19) show it is just as it was when last raced. I did not try to shine it up just to look pretty. What you see is what you get. Please inspect the high resolution photos carefully as they are an essential record of the bike's condition. To get it running you'll certainly need to go through the carburetor and electrics. The tank is fiberglass so rust is not an issue. The Dunlop racing tires are original and through they're cracked from dry rot they still hold air. Seat cover is ingenerally good condition with no rips or tears but the padding underneath is dried out.
This rare example of GP racing history is being offered as-is-where-is, with no warranty or guarantee expressed or implied.

Please ask any questions prior to bidding, through eBay's message system or [hidden information]. I can provide additional photos by request.
This motorcycle is also being offered for sale privately, and I reserve the right to end this listing at any time up until the reserve is met.
I will not ship or crate this motorcycle but will work with your shipper. It must be picked up from my residential location (PA zip 19320) by the buyer or by the buyer's bonded shipper. All payments, whether PayPal or certified check, must clear to my account before pickup of the motorcycle.

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Item Information

Item ID: 124830
Motorcycle location: Coatesville, Pennsylvania, United States
For sale by: original owner
Last update: 14.06.2019
Views: 393
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1964 Bultaco TSS 125 Used 125L
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