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1965 Chevrolet Corvette Used Manual Convertible

$ 119000

Options:Convertible, Leather Seats
Interior Color:Red
Number of Cylinders:8
Exterior Color:Black
Vehicle Title:Clean
Body Type:Convertible
:“Recently completed with just under 400 miles of break in and review of all system functionality. New GM Crate 502 Megasquirt Pro 3 Dyno tuned fuel injected engine, mated to a Richmond 6 speed via McLeod twin disc RST clutch. Brute big block power mated to a NASCAR grade 6 speed, HD drive-line including custom main driveshaft, rebuilt rear, and a pair of Denny’s Driveshafts out back, it puts the power to the ground without breaking anything in the process. The car is nearly flawless with a great deal of time spent on performance, reliability, aesthetics, and creature comforts while maintaining the original but completely rebuilt suspension and brakes, maintaining its original C2 muscle car road feel. To be clear, the suspension and brakes are not upgraded, they are both completely restored back to its 1965 classic roots. I wanted the reliability and creature comforts of a modern fuel injected drive line, while maintaining the old school C2 feel.”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

I am surely not going to be as detailed and organized as the typical high end representatives of a car like this one. I will do my best to answer questions as quickly and honestly as possible.
This Corvette was dyno tuned by Evans Tuning in PA, and the final build details finished up by Foreign Specialties in Manville NJ. Every nut and bolt have been removed, replaced, and reassembled with care. The paint is new and quite beautiful as I hope you can see in the photos, but In an attempt at full disclosure, I see a few things to mention as far as flaws. The hood has a tiny "star" in the red paint above the air cleaner. The initial stud for the K&N was a couple/few millimetres too long, and slightly pushed up on the hood giving it a tiny little star push up in the paint. That stud was quickly addressed and repaired, but there is a tiny little "push up star" type barely noticeable imperfection in the paint just above the air cleaner stud. I found a couple of chips in the paint that I do not recall being there before the final button up, but I noticed them when detailing the car. I wanted to add them to my disclosures of anything that I am seeing, and pointing them out to you up front. One on the driver side door beneath the mirror, the other on the driver side quarter panel. The door panels, I opted to restore and keep the original panels rather than to go with poor fitting aftermarket versions, which show wear on the weather scrapers and finish. They are nice, but I feel worth mentioning. The polished aluminum driver side outer windshield trim has scratches, you can see them slightly in the one photo included. I have not tried to buff them out, and thought worth a notation. I may have missed something, but I am trying to be entirely open and honest with what the car is. I do not want anyone upset and disappointed.
Information about 1965 Chevrolet Corvette for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Corvette Chevrolet Black
I would encourage you, if able or desired, to come see the car in person if you are so inclined. I know it is a high dollar car, and I want everyone/anyone happy with their purchase. There are no warranties implied or expressed here. Once the car leaves my garage, you own it. I cannot provide a global warranty, and I am offering this Corvette to a global audience. Please understand, I am here, call me, email me, contact me, come see the car, send a mechanic, whatever you need I am wide open to any and all scrutiny prior to purchase. But there is no warranty once this car leaves my garage and heads down the road to its new home.
502 GM Performance Crate MotorRichmond 6 speed TransmissionMcLeod RST twin disc clutch rated up to 800 ft/lbs of torque and a very smooth and easy clutch with the twin disc designCustom built and balanced main driveshaftDenny’s driveshaftsFrame off restoration nut and boltNew suspension and brakes complete (original to the 1965 C2 specs) NOT upgraded, put back to 1965 specs, fully restored to like new conditionDakota Digital Instruments, clock, GPS speedometer sending unit, BUS boxCustom stereo with Sirius Satellite Radio, iPod/cell phone adapter, equalizer, amp, subs, and more that I am sure to be forgetting with the system, it is a monster system.REV107 alloy wheelsContinental Tires67 Big Block Hood67 manual antennaNew leather seats, not vinyl, leatherCustom heavy duty convertible top materials completely restored inch by inch, stitch by stitch, latches to hinges, closes beautifully, great fitMegasquirt Pro 3 engine management systemElectronic ignitionWide band o2Detroit Speed wiper delay systemDetroit Speed electric headlight door motorsVintage A/C blows cold, and nice heatCustom restored dashboard with red and black schemeCustom Billet Specialties steering wheelIdidit tilt steering column with all new electronicsMarch serpentine pulley systemPower SteeringCustom wiring harness throughout with no lack of detail and professional installation. No butt connectors and tape. Everything plugs in like a modern factory GM installation with Blade Type fuse box and auxiliary relay panel.V band quick disconnect side pipes out of custom wrapped headersHydraulic clutch center release bearingCustom cross member for easy transmission R&IK&N air filterHeavy duty aluminum radiatorElectric cooling fan with adjustable temperature control within the Dakota DigitalHigh output chrome alternatorAnd the list goes on, but that is what I can recall at the moment off the top of my head and with a quick walk around the car to help me remember
3:36 original big block gear ratioI am satisfied with the paint, but as I pointed out, there have been a couple of chips over the past year or so of finish up, as well as a little sand marks that I see here and there, and a little shrinkage here and there. Black, as many of you know, is tough, it came out nice, and I am being fussy, but I still see imperfections that bug me to be honest. I think that you can see, it was done nicely, but I still think it could use just a touch of massage here or there to make the paint absolutely perfect if that is what is desired. It is gorgeous, and nothing to complain about, in fact it has a couple of minor things in the paint that may make it a little less frightening to have fun with it and enjoy it, rather than being freaked out over the first scratch.I sent the car off to be re harnessed, tear out the old Painless wiring that was originally in it, order a brand new harness, and then custom install a brand new harness in the car from headlights to tail lights and everything in-between. It is now a really high quality harness. The electronics are awesome, the stereo makes you shake, everything works, it is really on point now.The Dyno best pull, I think was 475 ft/lbs and just over 400hp to the wheels, so losing about 20% on the dyno, you can do the math from there. Right around 500hp and 570 ft/lbs. It squats hard, pulls, and goes. It was tuned out to 5800 rpm, which is what the 502 dictates as safe.I don't know that I would have done anything differently. I love the car. It has exactly what I was personally targeting. I can't really think of anything that I can look back and say that I would do differently. I hope that someone out there can agree with my choices and appreciate the build as it has been done. I know that there are many variations and opinions surrounding these cars, but hopefully there are some that appreciate the way this car came out, to my interpretation and completion of the project.
I am more than likely missing details that you may have questions about. So please feel free to reach out to me and I will do my best.

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Item ID: 203772
Sale price: $ 119000
Car location: Glen Gardner, New Jersey, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 15.02.2021
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1965 Chevrolet Corvette Used Manual Convertible
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