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1966 Harley-davidson FLH Used 1200L

$ 0

Engine Size (cc):1200
Exterior Color:Black with Birch White Panels
Vehicle Title:Clean
Type:Antique Touring Restored
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
:“No expense spared. Up for auction with NO RESERVE Completely restored top to bottom front to back. Like new original.”
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Seller Description

Up for auction today with no reserveI have my latest restored Harley. This one is a 1966 FLH full dressed. It has been painted back to the original Black with Birch White Panels and Bags. Serial number 66FLH6424 with matching title in my name, matching belly numbers and correct Trans. numbers. I bought this bike from #1 Cycle Center H. D. shop in Certre Hall, PA. from their museum. The motor and trans. have both been gone through with new pistons, rings, ground and lapped valves, all new seals, gaskets, and all parts showing ware replaced. The motor has the original rebuilt Linkert DC carb and air cleaner, and original rebuilt generator with new replica regulator. This bike was nearly all original when I bought it, I tried to keep most of it that way. It has the original motor, trans, and primary with the grease hole in the cover. Some of the original parts include: sealed gas tanks and emblems, both front and rear fenders, saddle bags with correct locks and even a key, frame with new fork lock and key, bars, front end with new tubes and seals, spot lights, turn signals, carb and air cleaner, shocks, rear crash bars, re-upholstered black and white buddy seat with the aux. spring set, and rebuilt hubs and brakes. Some of the new replica parts are wire harness, windshield, rims with stainless spokes and new tires, crash bar bag guards, luggage rack, dash, speedo, exhaust pipes, and mufflers. Most black parts have been powder coated including frame, swing arm, oil tank, and battery carrier, plus many smaller parts. Some of the original parts have been re-chromed. Everything on this bike has been checked and is ready to go. All the wiring checked and working as it should, carb set to factory settings, timing set, and new battery installed. I installed oil and gas and started the bike, checked that oil was pumping and that the generator was working. If you plan on riding this bike the carb will need some fine tuning. If this is for your museum or private collection the oil and gas should be removed. Please look at all the pictures and see what a great 66 this is. If you have any questions please ask and I will do my best to get you a speedy answer. A $500 non refundable deposit is due within 3 days of end of auction. I will except the deposit through e-bay. Balance is do within 7 days of end of auction. Balance can be paid by cash, cashiers check, or wire transfer.
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Item ID: 209427
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Clinton, Michigan, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 7.04.2021
Views: 3
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1966 Harley-davidson FLH Used 1200L
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