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Used 1967 Honda P50 Used 49L

Exterior Color:Light Green
Engine Size (cc):49
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Sub Model (Optional):Export
Vehicle Title:Clear
Item status:In archive   SEE NEW ADS >>>>>   

Seller Description

This is a 1967 Honda P50.Also known as the Honda Motor Wheel due to the unique placement of the engine on the rear wheel.This is actually a rare bike.It is NOT the USA Spec Model but the Export Model as identified by the “E” in the Frame Serial Number.It also has the Non US Tail Light and Head Light assembly to also identify it as such.To add to its rarity is the unique light green factory color.Most were blue or red.Another rare option on this very unique bike is the full working Turn Signal Option.This motorcycle is considered a Moped but I have it titled and plated as a motorcycle with Collector’s Plate.I have a title in my name.It runs perfectly and starts very easy.Top speed is @ 26 mph.This is not to be exceeded, as damage to the engine will happen.Basically you do not want to modify it in any way to increase top speed.I have basically never seen a running one in person other than mine.I bought and resurrected this bike as a “Keeper Bike” for my collection.I have owned and run this bike for over 5 years and it has always started and did a great job.But it is time for me to reduce.It comes with a ton of hard to find vintage paperwork all organized in a binder for you.The paperwork includes an Owners Manual, Service Manual, Parts Manual (US and Export), Dealer Assembly Manual and more cool items.The complete tool Kit is there also.There are a lot of new items installed on this bike.A full new Exhaust System (It looks cracked in the pictures but is not) is just the starting point.I had O-Rings made, by an O-Ring company, to fit the Carb.You get a full extra set with it.These were not available in any way.I did a quick top End Overhaul on the bike.All that was required was to clean the Seats and Valves.One area that is not perfect is on the inside of the Head Light.It is not complete, the spring clips are missing.I did what I can to hold the Lens in the Shell and it is well done but it is not OEM.I have searched for years, for the parts, to make it right and I cannot find them.The new battery I installed leaked and removed paint from that area.The Rear Fender Center Mount Support is split.Other wise it has the usual wear and tear normal for a bike made in 1967.The buyer will need to arrange for local pick-up or have a service come to transport it to you.
Milage is "1000" in the ad, the motorcycle has no odometer so I had to put something. It is my guess.

I have set a Reserve that is way lower than what I have into it. If the selling price goes above what I have into it I will also throw in all the spares I have with it.At this time I am listing some of them.These will not be included in this auction.

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Item Information

Item ID: 116939
Motorcycle location: Superior, Wisconsin, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 22.04.2019
Views: 890
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1967 Honda P50 Used 49L
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