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Used 1971 Triumph Bonneville T120R Custom

3000 $
:“VGC, matching engine and frame numbers (checked with tank off), kicks like it has excellent compression, new: head gasket, oils shift quadrant springs pins-shifts through the gears, good battery, electrodigicals were apart when I got it and either it needs parts or I am an electrical idiot (probably the 2nd), with battery hooked up headlight tail brake lights work, old gas in tank, brakes clutch work, tires are not cracked but old enough to need replaced, powder coated frame with a few touchups-rear section NOT bolt on, overall a well-cared for example with mild patina, as pictured. 201778 miles on title, 20178.7 on odometer. Last inspected 2010-ready for next owner to sort it out the rest of the way. With new tank, tires and electrical sorted this is an 8-9k bike. Last time listing at this price as time permits fixing it more. Video of 200 lb. me kicking it over...or is Bonnie kicking me? I have a bad right hip so cut me a break. youtube search "1971 Brass Bonnie Kick Start"” Year:1971 Mileage:20178 Model:Bonneville Exterior Color:Gold (White Brass) Vehicle Title:Clean Trim:T120R Custom Drive Type:-- Engine:649cc air-cooled OHV parallel twin Type:Bobber Fuel Type:Unspecified Body Type:-- Options:-- Power Options:-- Interior Color:-- Transmission:-- Make:Triumph Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
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1971 Triumph Bonneville T120R Custom

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Last update: 2.08.2022
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1971 Triumph Bonneville T120R Custom
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