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1976 Honda CB750 Used 750L

$ 0

Engine Size:750
V5 Registration Document:Present

Seller Description

1976 CB750 K6 with nice airbrushed K2 paint (no decals). UK bike on historic tax, so no MOT required, had extensive rebuild before I got it 6 years ago. 32k miles. New loom, frame painted, new British rims with stainless spokes, rare double disc using proper calipers, braided hoses, good Avon roadrider tyres, new Hagon shocks. I added Hagon progressive fork springs and now it handles really well for an old girl. The brakes are now 'adequate' rather than 'scary' and it will come with the nice condition standard seat (not currently fitted). I prefer the humpy one so will be keeping that, although it could go with the bike for a bit extra. The bad bits? I came to get her ready to ride last year and the fork seals had started leaking, so they will need doing and I'm just too busy working at the moment. She's been stored in a dry garage with no fuel in tank or carbs, and the battery had packed up too. I've kicked her over every now and again on the kickstart to give the engine a turn. So a weekend tinkering to get her rolling for Spring. If she doesn't sell I'll get around to doing the jobs, ride her and put her up again in Autumn all sorted, but seems a shame to have her just sitting there. She's not show condition, there are signs of use and wear, photos always look better than in real life, but she's very pretty, rides nicely with the upgrades. I've not polished her either, just given the coating of ACF50 a wipe off, so she could be a bit shinier if you go to it with the polish. £200 deposit please within 24 hrs of auction, then cash on collection or bank transfer. Welcome to view the bike but some notice required as it's not kept at my home.On 11-Mar-21 at 11:56:06 GMT, seller added the following information:**PLEASE NOTE - I was asked a question on the frame/engine numbers, which I must confess I never looked up online. They do match the V5, however on the dating sites it's coming up as -Frame number - CB750 2108*** - is a 1972 K2Engine number - CB750E 108*** - is a 1970/71 K1
So your guess is as good as mine - the previous owner said is was in K6 colours and the date of first registration on the V5 is 1976, so that's what I thought it was, and tbh I'm not concerned with the frame/engine numbers as long as it is a good bike. However I understand some of you might be.
Was it an unregistered K2 that hung around and got updated with K6 tank and registered in 1976? Is it triggers broom and everything has changed over the years? No idea, but it is still a good bike.
If any bidders want to withdraw your bids please do and contact me if needed, I have got people interested from the other ad I have in VJMC as wellOn 12-Mar-21 at 14:22:36 GMT, seller added the following information:To clear up some of the questions around whether the bike is currently running or not - it hasn't run since late 2019 when I put her away for the winter.
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She had been used regularly for sunny weather runs every summer up to then and ran very well. I drained the tank and carbs, so with a fresh battery and fuel you should be good to go (and fork seals) obviously I haven't been able to test this though, as by then I'm halfway to sorting her out and may as well do the seals as well :)

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Item ID: 213427
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Godalming, United Kingdom
Last update: 4.05.2021
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1976 Honda CB750 Used 750L
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