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Used 1978 Daimler Sovereign (xj6)

1000 AUD $

Seller notes:“Good honest original body rust 86k low kilometres ..paint could do with touch.up ...
Read moreabout the seller notes:“Good honest original body rust 86k low kilometres ..paint could do with touch.up Everything works, interior vg for age ,good cold aircon, car has recently been recently fully serviced ( have receipts) Is the twin SU model..with points and coil….so is simple to work on.It’s a nearly 50 year old car …is not a show car or”new” Is registered for 10 months swaps or ridiculous offers..Must be sold …I have too many projects …car is in Tamworth..can transport at buyers expense.make an offer…low reserve.”
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1978:Type of Title
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LWB Sedan:Number of Seats
Automatic:Exterior Colour
english white:Fuel Type
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sovereign:Number of Doors
4:Interior Colour

Seller Description

1978 Daimler Sovereign (xj6)

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Item ID: 309081
Sale price: AUD $ 1000
Car location: Australia
Last update: 6.11.2023
Views: 54
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1978 Daimler Sovereign (xj6)
Current customer rating: 4/5 based on 4490 customer reviews

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