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1995 Toyota Hiace Used Automatic

$ 6900

Vehicle Title:Clean
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

1995 Japan TOYOTA Hiace Deisel Turbo 3000cc Van automatic WAGON VAN
A vehicle that has been registered by changing a wagon-type vehicle to a van (cargo carrier).The wagon type Hiace has a different suspension and is very comfortable to ride.In addition, because the seat cushioning is good, there is little fatigue even on long drives.The carrying performance of this vehicle is a maximum load capacity of 450 kg.The structure was changed at the Japan Transport Bureau. It's a special vehicle.
Useful for transporting agricultural land.(Brand) TOYOTA (name) Hiace (Grade)Super custom Limited(Year) 1995 (Mileage) [hidden information] km (79813 mile)(fuel type) Deisel Turbo (Displacement) 3000cc(shift) automatic(Body number)KZH100-[hidden information](Engine number)1KZ(Body Color number)Gold silver :21T(TRIM:FA41)
bodysize(length) 464 cm (182.6" ) (width) 169 cm (66.5" ) (height) 200 cm (78.7")
Loading room size(length) 250 cm (98.4") (width) 140 cm (55.1") (High)200cm(78.7")
(Equipment) Air conditioner,Radio, automatic , Powerstearing,
The port to America is Long Beach or Vancouver.The transportation cost of this size car is usd1500.
Price is FOB.
Please confirm the procedure to make a smooth transaction.① Please tell us your area and city name. →We will investigate shipping costs and ports and contact you.② Make an offer or purchase.③ Please pay the vehicle price and shipping cost. → Email you (Export certificate).④ You should look for a trading company at the port (company that performs customs clearance work: agent on behalf of the consignee) and contact us. →We make a reservation for the ship. (Data for the trade company that is the consignee is required to reserve a ship)
profile)Hello. We are a Japanese company.The company name is (MACRO JAPAN co., Ltd).
homepage http://www.
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Started trading in 2001.We import and export automobiles, motorcycles, automobile parts and motorcycle parts.We can provide products from Japan to countries around the world.
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Item ID: 203809
Sale price: $ 6900
Car location: fukuoka, Japan
Last update: 15.02.2021
Views: 8
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1995 Toyota Hiace Used Automatic
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