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Used 2005 hilux workmate 2.7l

6000 AUD $

Seller notes:“2005 Hilux 2.7L Petrol Workmate- XL size tray- Tow Bar Ball- New Starter Motor - Done at ...
Read moreabout the seller notes:“2005 Hilux 2.7L Petrol Workmate- XL size tray- Tow Bar Ball- New Starter Motor - Done at 250,000km- New Water Pump - Done at 250,000km- Bumper Tray sides sprayed with Raptor coating - looks a bit nicer than grey-Healthy Engine, always servicedCons:A few scratches and dings on the body tray(It’s a work ute) but nothing majorSmall rattle from clutch area only when cold- Mechanic advised no issue with drivingWill do $8.5k with new clutch fitted if ya want (machining bleeding clutch included)Can organise road worthy for ad price without clutch$6700 ono. Want gone as new car here”
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254000:Type of Title
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Cab Chassis:Number of Seats
3:Number of Previous Owners
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4:Drive Type
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White:Fuel Type
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2.7 L:Manufacturer
Hilux:Number of Doors

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2005 hilux workmate 2.7l

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Item ID: 309008
Sale price: AUD $ 6000
Car location: Australia
Last update: 3.11.2023
Views: 97
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2005 hilux workmate 2.7l
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