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Used 2007 Ford Mustang GT

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Seller Description

About this vehicle
This 2007 Ford Mustang is a restored vehicle. The owner has had it for 2 years. The vehicle runs great and is mainly used for weekend drives.
Vehicle Details
Purchased this car as a Texas Flood vehicle. It was definitely in a flood/storm however I don’t think it actually took on water. I pulled the carpet and trunk pad. No sign of water damage. The drivers side of the car was peppered with rocks so it was in a storm. I had it professionally repainted and had the stripes painted on since the decals always fade. I also bought a 3rd gen hood scoop from Shelby American to replace the original warped one The interior is original and looks good. There is a crack in the dash. The car runs and drives great. There is a little chatter in 3rd gear but it shifts perfect otherwise. I installed new tires as well. It’s a Shelby u can drive or race or do whatever you want with it. I bought to just use and enjoy but am building a Cobra so I’m selling it to complete that project.

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Item Information

Item ID: 251189
Car location: Enterprise, Alabama, United States
Last update: 16.01.2022
Views: 378
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2007 Ford Mustang GT
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