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Used 2008 Porsche Boxster 3.4L H6L S Loaded Low mileage Sport package Automatic Gasoline Convertible

17900 CAD $
Engine:3.4L H6
Sub Model:S Loaded Low mileage Sport package
Safety Features:Anti-Lock Brakes, Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag, Side Airbags
Interior Color:Black Full Leather
Exterior Color:Meteor Grey Metallic
Trim:S Loaded Low mileage Sport package
Vehicle Title:Salvage
Options:Leather Seats, Convertible
Power Options:Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
Number of Cylinders:6
Disability Equipped:No
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Drive Type:RWD
Body Type:Convertible
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty

Seller Description

2008 Porsche Boxster S Loaded Low mileage Sport package

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Item Information

Item ID: 291302
Sale price: CAD $ 17900
Car location: Canada
Last update: 1.11.2022
Views: 13
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2008 Porsche Boxster 3.4L H6L S Loaded Low mileage Sport package Automatic Gasoline Convertible
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