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Used 2019 Forest River Rockwood Extreme Sports Hard Side 1910 Used --L Gasoline -- --

24995 $
Manufacturer:Forest River
Model:Rockwood Extreme Sports Hard Side 1910
Vehicle Title:Clean
Manufacturer:Forest River
Model:Rockwood Extreme Sports Hard Side 1910
Drive Type:--
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Body Type:--
Power Options:--
Exterior Color:--
Interior Color:--

Seller Description

2019 Forest River Rockwood Extreme Sports Hard Side 1910

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Item Information

Item ID: 291327
Sale price: $ 24995
Car location: Rancho Cordova, California, United States
Last update: 1.11.2022
Views: 12
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2019 Forest River Rockwood Extreme Sports Hard Side 1910 Used --L Gasoline -- --
Current customer rating: 4/5 based on 2854 customer reviews

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