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2019 Husqvarna Husqvarna 701 Used Manual Petrol

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Model:Husqvarna 701
Start Type:Electric start
Extra Features:Anti-Lock Brakes
Type:Enduro/Supermoto (road legal)
Drive Type:Chain
V5 Registration Document:Present
Number of Manual Gears:Six-speed
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Seller Description

For reluctant sale my 2019 701 supermoto. Only 1770 miles with dealer pack, two keys and dealer service.
Lots of Mods to make this a real everyday bike.
Rade Garage -road legal LED headlight and cowl with Angel eye DlR.- sls removal kit installed - gets rid of the filter canister and associated valve/ pipework.Rade Garage - additional fuel tank that fits below standard seat. This gives another 6ltrs of fuel making a total of 19litres - good for around 200 miles.
Twin air filter mod.
Flashed ECU done by main dealer and E VO map installed makes this bike super grunty with loads of extra torque.
Rade Garage carbon cap exhaust can with blue carbon end cap.
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Not really road legal but standard can included so can be stopped for MOT.
Adventure spec fly screen with quad lock phone holder and 12v USB ports x 2. This also includes volt meter. Fits in 3 mins with 4 bolts and SA3 loom connector. I typically use this if I'm doing a long motorway trip and just put it in my back pack on arrival. Cruise at 80mph in comfort. Also included is the husqvarna tail pack and rack system.Rides so smooth. Gearing dropped to 15t x 44. Tops out at around 115mph but gets there super fast. Light and agile - will embarrass those sports bikes through the twisties. Message me if you want more pictures or info. Based just outside of Cambridge for those who would like to come and view.Reluctant sale as I need to put some money in the bank - COVID

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Item ID: 208433
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Huntingdon, United Kingdom
Last update: 1.04.2021
Views: 11
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2019 Husqvarna Husqvarna 701 Used Manual Petrol
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