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Used 1986 Austin Mini Mayfair 998L manual Petrol

Model:Mini Mayfair
Previous Owners:3
Safety Features:Rear seat belts
Exterior:Alloy Wheels
Interior/Comfort Options:Leather Seats
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Seller Description

This 1986 Mini Mayfair in Gold has had new leather interior. reclining seats in cream with chocolate piping. all new leather door cards. new door furniture. new fitted carpets. new dash. Kenwood radio Cd and RAC Sat Nav. Has recently had new exhaust. points. condensor. HT leads. wipers. and more Has MOT till May 2014 and taxed to end of Oct 2013. As you can see by the pictures this little car is in superb condition. and has been well looked after since new. it has 34000 miles on has been serviced by local garage. and is only used at weekends. ou wont find many in this gold paint. and it also has the original engine water protector. Overall this car is a gem and is a pleasure to drive. and if looked after as it has been over the last 27 years will give many more years driving to its new owner. Any checks are welcome. Any questions. please feel free to call me. John. 07730 [hidden information]Also published at

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Item Information

Item ID: 164868
Car location:
For sale by: Private seller
Last update: 29.06.2020
Views: 65

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1986 Austin Mini Mayfair 998L manual Petrol
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