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Used BMW 2005 120i Hatchback

2000 AUD $
Seller notes:“2nd owner and good little run around. Needs a little TLC, selling with no registration or RWC as ...
Read moreabout the seller notes:“2nd owner and good little run around. Needs a little TLC, selling with no registration or RWC as don’t want to spend any more money on it. Selling as is. Car in good condition, some paint fade on roof and scratch back panel. Internal black leather. Back window not working properly, did have some rain get in which caused some mould. Has all been cleaned thoroughly via detailing, still a little smell lingers. One tyre has a slow leak and radiator will need work. Ideal for someone that might need a first car and will work well for someone with a mechanical background to tinker and fix up. Stereo also not fully functional.”
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183181:Type of Title
Clear (most titles):Previously Registered Overseas
No:Body Type
Hatchback:Number of Seats
5:Number of Previous Owners
Automatic:Drive Type
2WD:Service History Available
Yes:Exterior Colour
Blue:Fuel Type
Petrol:Drive Side
Right-Hand Drive:Registration State
BMW:Car Type
Passenger Vehicles:Number of Doors
4:Interior Colour
Black:Road Worthy Certificate

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BMW 2005 120i Hatchback

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Item ID: 309757
Sale price: AUD $ 2000
Car location: Australia
Last update: 26.11.2023
Views: 108
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BMW 2005 120i Hatchback
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