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1992 Bmw BMWK1100 LT Used Met Bronze 1100L Manual Petrol

$ 0

Model:BMWK1100 LT
V5 Registration Document:Present
Colour:Met Bronze
Street Name:Cafe racer custom
Modified Item:Yes
Vehicle Type:Custom
Country/Region of Manufacture:Germany
MOT Expiration Date:Feb 2022
Additional Information:Metallic Paint
Start Type:Electric start
Modification Description:Full custom build
Gears:Five-speed manual
Engine Size:1100
Capacity (cc):1100
MOT Expiry Date:202202
Metallic Paint:Yes
Date of 1st Registration:19920424
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Seller Description

Custom built K1100 lt, 1992 bike fully customised, V5 in my name, full years MOT.New custom rear subframe, custom one off tail unit, new LED lights all round,Air box removed and a custom made air inlet pipes fitted with velocity stacks,New SC exhaust silencer, new chunky tyres, new rear horizontal suspension system,New Flat bars with new grips, new Daytona electronic dashboard,Custom paint work in a stunning bronze metallic.Exhaust wrapped.Air craft style fuel tank filler,The bike looks and goes great, built by John in cairngormcustommotorbike

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Item ID: 208459
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: aviemore, United Kingdom
Last update: 1.04.2021
Views: 2
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1992 Bmw BMWK1100 LT Used Met Bronze 1100L Manual Petrol
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