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BMW R90S silver smoke excellent, original

$ 14962

Date of Manufacture:197400
For sale by:Dealer
Product Type:Classic, Collector Bikes

Seller Description

Here we have one of the nicest 1974 BMW R90S we have ever had, loaded with extras1974 R90S in Silver Smoke with 30,955 miles, very original, runs well, matching numbers #[hidden information]This bike is extremely original, mirrors, screen ( some cracks ), allow is lovely, rims perfect,Has the following upgrades, disc rotors, top steering head thicker, deep sump, braided lines, Krauser panniers, easier side stand, oil pressure and temp gaugesKick starter is standardPaint chrome, allow, etc all excellentThe bike comes with the tool kit, service receipts, owners hand book and factory manual and tyre pumpPlease ask any questions, this is a rare bike in this condition, inspection welcome, ph [hidden information], no text or email [hidden information] about our door to door delivery, international delivery availablesee my other items and website

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Item Information

Item ID: 209454
Sale price: $ 14962
Motorcycle location: Springwood, QLD, Australia
Last update: 8.04.2021
Views: 2
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BMW R90S silver smoke excellent, original
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