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4500 AUD $
Seller notes:“Selling for my mother in law as unable to drive anymore , recently serviced , new power steering ...
Read moreabout the seller notes:“Selling for my mother in law as unable to drive anymore , recently serviced , new power steering pump and hose , registered until 9/24 may have to pay transfer and fee and registered as a pensioner, some paint work and scratches due to wear and tear , drives well inspections welcome .Price is negotiableIt has 2 airbags fitted for your protection. Designed to fit 8 people. This Toyota Tarago has driver airbag, passenger airbag, front power windows, remote central locking, power steering, rear spoiler, front fog lamps and power door mirrors. EXCITING FEATURES- Remote central locking- Front power windows- Passenger airbag- Power door mirrors- Front fog lamps- Rear spoiler- Power steering- Driver airbagThis Toyota Tarago People Mover has power door mirrors, front power windows, driver airbag and power steering. It has 2 airbags fitted for your protection.”
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Item ID: 309611
Sale price: AUD $ 4500
Car location: Australia
Last update: 21.11.2023
Views: 7
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cars for sale used
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