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2002 Ducati 998 Used 999L

$ 0

Country/Region of Manufacture:Italy
Capacity (cc):999
Engine Size:999
Type:Super Sport
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Seller Description

Having undergone an extensive refresh no expense has been spared on this ultimate 998 Monoposto which is now ready for sale from my personal collection. Owned by myself since 2014 and ridden very sparingly and maintained using only factory parts where available the spec. includes; MS Production carbon fibre throughout (tank, tailpiece, bellypan, air ducts, heat shields etc, in fact everything excluding fairing), Ducati Corse slipper clutch, Gilles rearsets, Brembo RCS brakes, BST carbon fibre front wheel (rear is available, currently at BST awaiting repair), Dymag magnesium rear wheel, Magneti Marelli LiPo battery, comprehensive service history folder from new complete with sales invoice and all service stamps, factory cover, factory paddock stand, all documentation, keys and books ready to register for the road if required or to enhance any private collection.The bike's most recent outing was at Donington Park Ducati Day August 2020 where the new Michelin Power Cup Evo tyres were gently scrubbed in and having remained unused since, the bike is kept under it's cover and on stands in my heated barn with a battery trickle charger attached.
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The bike is unmarked as can be seen from the photos and will start at the touch of the button.These bikes are already incredibly hard to find but to find another one in this condition and specification would prove impossible.On 06-Mar-21 at 21:15:34 GMT, seller added the following information:THERE IS NO VAT DUE ON THE BIKE. IT HAS BEEN IN THE UK SINCE 2014

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Item ID: 209488
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Surrey, United Kingdom
Last update: 8.04.2021
Views: 10
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2002 Ducati 998 Used 999L
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