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Genuine Yuasa YTX9-BS High Power AGM GEL Motorbike Motorcycle Battery YTX9BS

CCA (EN):135 A
Dimensions (including Terminals):150L x 87W x 105H (mm)
Manufacturer Part Number:1hsDP8Yw
Layout:Positive Front Left
Type:Yuasa Motorcycle
Terminals:Bike Box Terminal
Voltage:12 Volts
Interchange Part Number:YTX9-BS
Other Part Number:YTX9-BS
Capacity (C20):8 Ah
EAN:Does Not Apply
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Seller Description

Home About Us Shipping FAQs Add Favourites View Feedback Number 1 Online Battery Seller In Europe Menu Home Wheelchair Batteries Car Batteries Leisure Batteries Powerline Car Batteries Lucas Car Batteries Lucas Leisure Batteries Lucas Dry Cell Batteries Other Shop Categories Home Wheelchair Batteries Car Batteries Leisure Batteries Powerline Car Batteries Lucas Car Batteries Lucas Leisure Batteries Lucas Dry Cell Batteries Other Yuasa YTX9-BS MF Motorcycle Battery Description
Welcome to Tayna Batteries! We invented the mail order battery model in the UK, being the first company to develop the often copied safe packaging method now employed across the industry, way back in 2003. Being the largest online battery seller in Europe, we are able to buy at the cheapest prices; savings that we're able to pass directly on to you.
This product is delivered from our warehouse on a next business day basis (in most cases) if ordered by 4PM. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and our experts will be on hand to assist you.
PLEASE NOTE! The quoted delivery cost covers mainland UK below and including Glasgow and Edinburgh. Our courier may not be able to deliver above Glasgow/Edinburgh or to IOM/IOW/NI etc.

Please contact us to discuss delivery to these places. Technical Specification SpecificationWarranty1 YearVoltage12 VoltsCapacity (C20)8 AhCCA (EN)135 ALength150 mmWidth87 mmHeight105 mmTerminals

Price Dinamics

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Item Information

Item ID: 213100
Car location: Abergele, UK, United Kingdom
Last update: 2.05.2021
Views: 277
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Genuine Yuasa YTX9-BS High Power AGM GEL Motorbike Motorcycle Battery YTX9BS
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