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Used Hillman Hunter

15000 AUD $
Seller notes:“This Hillman Hunter is a wonderful car that has been restored to its former glory. With its ...
Read moreabout the seller notes:“This Hillman Hunter is a wonderful car that has been restored to its former glory. With its original automatic carburetor and its original engine, you’d think this car has just been manufactured. This car is a true gem.This Hillman Hunter has been examined and tested and comes with a Certificate of Roadworthiness. It has a total mileage of 111409, and the speedo is in miles per hour. The motor still starts instantly and runs very smoothly. The automatic gearbox is original and runs ever so smoothly and efficiently.The rear seats also have seat belts which is a must have in modern times. The seat covers are also wrapped with a beautiful soft fleece, cool in summer and warm in winter. This car also has 5 new tyres.This car has Club Registration until 31.12.2023.If you’re looking for a beautiful and unique car that is sure to turn heads wherever you go, this 1971 Hillman Hunter is a great choice. Inspections welcome. Located in Eastern Region.”
Read lessabout the seller notes:Year
1971:VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
Get the Vehicle History Report:Kilometres
111400:Type of Title
Rebuilt, Rebuildable & Reconstructed:Number of Seats
4:Number of Previous Owners
Automatic:Engine Number
HEM04609:Fuel Type
Petrol:For Sale By
Private Seller:Drive Side
Right-Hand Drive:Independent Vehicle Inspection
Hillman:Car Type
Collector Cars:Number of Doors
5:Road Worthy Certificate

Seller Description

Hillman Hunter

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Item ID: 309652
Sale price: AUD $ 15000
Car location: Australia
Last update: 22.11.2023
Views: 23
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Hillman Hunter
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