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Used holden rodeo TF 4x4 1998

2500 AUD $

Seller notes:“1998 Holden TF rodeo 4x4 5 speed manual new clutch and slave 5,000 ago new viscous fan and ...
Read moreabout the seller notes:“1998 Holden TF rodeo 4x4 5 speed manual new clutch and slave 5,000 ago new viscous fan and all.bushes and front shocks 10,000 ago ,2 inch lift,mud tyres,all 4 wheel bearings replaced 1000ks ago,gearbox engine and diff oil replaced 1000k ago,well maintained reliable car,long range fuel tank, Jerry holder in rear,lsd in rear and Aussie auto locker in front with manual free wheel hubs up front,comes with roof rack and awning in pics regretful sale just have no time to use anymore has 480,000 on dash engine replaced at 290xxx by previous owner,great weekender or every day vehicle new Bosch alternator,UHF and aerial not included,is registered until 20/July 2024”
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holden rodeo TF 4x4 1998

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Item ID: 309792
Sale price: AUD $ 2500
Car location: Australia
Last update: 27.11.2023
Views: 64
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holden rodeo TF 4x4 1998
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