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2007 Honda silverwing fjs 600 Used Silver Automatic Petrol

$ 0

Model:silverwing fjs 600
V5 Registration Document:Present
MOT Expiration Date:7 September 2021
Vehicle Type:Scooter
Start Type:Electric start
Capacity (cc):525 to 674 cc
Extra Features:Heated grips, Battery charger, Givi screen, Anti-Lock Brakes, Case/Topcase
Drive Type:Belt
Previous owners (excl. current):6
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Seller Description

Honda FJS600 Silverwing, ABS + linked brakes.
18, 600 miles
MOT to 7th September, 2021
Starts, runs and rides perfectly. Ready to ride to work or tour Europe.
Stunningly clean condition; just had several hours of on-bench cleaning carried out - you won't find cleaner.
V5 present and in my name.
Owner's handbook + workshop manual.
Stack of paperwork for service history, plus every MOT certificate from new.
Wired-in Optimate battery charger leads, and comes with Optimate charger in full working condition.
Brand-new Oxford 'Commuter' two-stage heated grips.
Handbrake works perfectly and is an excellent (and hidden) anti-theft device.
Front wheel freshly blasted and powder coated to cure well-known problem of air leaking from rims. Perfect condition; 5 miles covered since coating.
Brand-new Michelin Powersure SC dual-compound front tyre, right-angle valve, and wheel bearings.
Single key for ignition and one for topbox.
Givi Touring screen.
Information about 2007 Honda silverwing fjs 600 for sale on this page. See price and photos of the silverwing fjs 600 Honda
Taller than standard for better wind protection. Also benefits from winglets to direct air away from hands.
Givi quick-release top box (doesn't have to be unbolted from rack). Haven't figured out how to lock the clasp on top box - apparently they can be a fiddle.
Some minor marks to bodywork (see photos) from previous owners. Nothing which detracts from function or value of the bike, and probably to be expected for its age.
One fault (another common to Silverwings); hydraulic ram which is meant to hold seat up, doesn't hold - has never bothered me but wanted to point it out.
Photos form part of description. No warranty implied or given.
Advertised elsewhere, so may remove item at any time without notice.
Selling due to suffering with a very aggressive form of arthritis, which makes moving anything heavier than a CG125 both painful and often impossible (hence photos of bike are on its side-stand).
Happy to deal with a courier if need be.
Any questions, just ask. Unless it's about the price - it's not negotiable.
p.s. drive belt appears to have been last changed 2000 miles ago, in 2015.

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Item Information

Item ID: 208447
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Lincoln, United Kingdom
Last update: 1.04.2021
Views: 3
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2007 Honda silverwing fjs 600 Used Silver Automatic Petrol
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