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Used kawasaki gt750 1984 Cafe racer

2000 AUD $

Seller notes:“New tires, battery, front master cylinder ,starter clutch, shocks plus lots more. Custom made ...
Read moreabout the seller notes:“New tires, battery, front master cylinder ,starter clutch, shocks plus lots more. Custom made tank, seat and duck tail.Engine bored out to 810cc with new pistons and rings, not run in. Has solo compliance. Centre stand included needs pin.Carbys cleaned and fixed but need synchronised.Bike has been sitting for quite some years since last regoed but in great condition. A few scratches here and there. Inspection recommended. Bike has no registration or insurance so cannot be test ridden. Pick up only”
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Seller Description

kawasaki gt750 1984 Cafe racer

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Item Information

Item ID: 309754
Sale price: AUD $ 2000
Motorcycle location: Australia
Last update: 26.11.2023
Views: 35
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kawasaki gt750 1984 Cafe racer
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