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Used Mercedes 306D Camper van bay/splitty size MOTd

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Seller Description

Here for sale I have got my rhd . wb. Mercedes 306d camper . It may have been a panel van in the past. however. it is registered as a camper van/motor caravan on the V5. It was manufactured pre 1971 and as such is tax exempt and this is reflected in the paperwork. however. it was first registered in this country in 1974 but as stated the V5 does reflect that this is a historic vehicle. I'm lead to believe that it is a rare van but parts are still obtainable through the internet and the Hanomag forum. This is a swb and I have only ever seen lwb up for sale. so treat yourself to something different to enjoy camping this summer. It has the advantage that it pulls like a train as it has a 2. 2 diesel engine but is not much bigger than a bay/splitty (as can be seen on photo number 3 ). It is Mot's until August 2013 and taxed till July 2013 (but as said is tax exempt anyway). so providing that you are insured it is ready to drive away. It is fitted with a very basic interior and I have only ever used it as a day van. By all means there is room for improvement but if you are not looking for vasts amounts of luxury. with a bit of work this could be great whether you are a surfer. camper or just wanto to use it as a day van or own as a vehicle of interest. I'm 5/11 FT and I can stand in the back of it so if you wanted a classic to convert into a coffee or catering van this may well be a possibility too. The chassis is of a very simple construction and very solid. I love the fact that it comes with a side and back door but I think that originally the back door would have been lifted upwards as opposed to sideways. It has had a new windscreen seal fitted . There is a gas cooker ( 2 rings). one sink with a manual pump tap. and a body-board table as well as a few cupboards. Otherwise. in the back there is a single seat with integral seatbealt and a bench which folds out into a bed. however. this may need some repairs/modification before it can be slept on. So here are the bad points:The sky light has been taped as it leaks . there are assorted minor dinks and scratches. There are a number of stone chips on the windscreen and these have been repaired by Autoglass in the past and since the van has passed Mot with these repairs. There is a minor engine oil leak and the exhaust has been repaired in the past but I think it could do to be revisted. This winter I have had the battery go flat on two occasions. The ignition light didn't come on so I presume that it was the battery only (which I have replaced) and since then the battery has not gone flat but I have only driven it locally. It has had welding and repairs done in the past in various places as can be expected from a van of this age. The speedo reads 24336 at this time. however.

the van is over 40 years old so I would presume that it must have been at least once around the clock. That said. there is a vast amount of paperwork and if you had the patience to sift through it. you could probably get close to the mileage it has covered. It has been resprayed in the past and although not perfect. it is tidy and usable. The two colours are BMW pepper white and VW Savannagh beige. This is a very usable van but as I have another project my wife has stipulated that I have to part with this one before I can start on another. Please phone me should you have any further questions as it takes me an age to type and if you want any more photos please let me have your email address and I will take and forward you them. Please don't leave it to the last hour of the sale as I'm not always near a terminal. ***Please. before bidding I would recommend viewing it and test driving it. I can be contacted on 01757-[hidden information]. my mobile [hidden information] or mobile [hidden information]*****I will consider sensible offers only and it is advertised locally. Payment and collection (unless otherwise agreed with me first) has to be completed within 3 days of the auction finishing. The van will not be released until payment has cleared. Please note that you are buying the van and not the extras (such as rucksack. offee jug etc) unless it is a real deal breaker. :-)Also published at

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Mercedes 306D Camper van bay/splitty size MOTd
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