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Used Mini Minor 1960

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Seller Description

Morris Mini Minor Deluxe - Never been restored all totally origional in Clipper BlueThe car is an early model car with all correct early features still in place which include:Bulkhead chassis NoFloor pan numbers to both sidesStraight sillsDoor cardsRadius ArmsSpeedo faciaThe car was featured in the May 2008 edition of Classic Car Mart (a copy is with the car) . The feature is a 7 page full spread!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There it details the cars life history which claims that the car has done genuine mileage. The magazine can be produced to anyone who views the car. Considering the car has never had any restoration still retains all its origional floor pans which are un-welded. the car is in extremly good condition.

Mini's are increasing in value by the day this car represents a wise investment that you can also enjoy. driving. pottering with at shows etc. You can't take your pension money for a day out still have it when you get home! Viewing essential. There is very slight bubbling to the bottom of the doors which I can have done. however don't want to do anything to the car due to it's origionality before whoever buys it see's it first makes the decision. Also published at

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For sale by: Private seller
Last update: 28.06.2020
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Mini Minor 1960
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