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Used Modified H22a 1994 Honda Prelude

25000 AUD $
Seller notes:“With the heaviest of hearts im left with no options but to sell my baby.Here you have a 1994 honda ...
Read moreabout the seller notes:“With the heaviest of hearts im left with no options but to sell my baby.Here you have a 1994 honda prelude with a freshly rebuilt h22a engine.The mod list is long so i am likely to miss a few things.Professionally painted in a custom made green.Lowered on BC racing adjustable coil overs.Full wide body kit Professionally installed.Carbon fiber GT wing.Heavy duty exedy clutch.Blacked out interior.Dark window tint.Custom made bonnet with vents.Custom PRELUD number plate.Custom steering wheel.Custom weighted gear shifter.BBS 16" repsHKS exhaust.Freshly rebuilt H22A engine with around 1600kms on it.Hondata CPU Working 4wsRust free sun roofElectric windowsJDM interior including the cup holder.Alpine touchscreen head unitSony Speakers Kenwood amplifier and subwoofer.The car is in immaculate condition and has been deeply loved and looked after. Turns heads, makes smiles and gets photos snapped of it everywhere it goes. I will miss the car and regret this.”
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Modified H22a 1994 Honda Prelude

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Item ID: 309671
Sale price: AUD $ 25000
Car location: Australia
Last update: 23.11.2023
Views: 25
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Modified H22a 1994 Honda Prelude
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