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Used Revelry Custom Interceptor 865cc Scrambler

20990 AUD $
Seller notes:“Impeccable complete custom build.”
Number of Gears:6
Customised Features:Handlebars, Clip Ons, Headlights, Mirrors, Paint Job, Tail-Lights, Turn Signals
Number of Previous Owners:1
Power (Bhp):75
Dealer License Number:MD081078
Registration Number:ETA34
Drive Type:Chain
For sale by:Dealer
Colour:Revelry Silver Livery
Gears:Six-speed manual
Engine Capacity (cc):865
Product Type:Motorcycle
Model:Interceptor Dark
Manufacturer:Royal Enfield
Extra Features:Anti-Lock Brakes
Start Type:Electric start

Seller Description

Revelry Custom Interceptor 865cc Scrambler

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Item Information

Item ID: 311242
Sale price: AUD $ 20990
Motorcycle location: Australia
Last update: 20.03.2024
Views: 90
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Revelry Custom Interceptor 865cc Scrambler
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