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Selling a Kawasaki Z 650 motorcycle project. 5/1981. Not running

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Product Type:Classic, Collector Bikes
For sale by:Private seller

Seller Description

Looking to traid a Kawasaki Z 650 motorcycle project. 5/1981. Is not a kick start model and has cdi not points. Price is a little neg biut wont consider without inspection. Advertised elsewhere and may be withdrawn from sale here without notice. [hidden information] if you have any questions or want to inspect.
I was going to part it but decided best to let someone give it some love or if you have one always good to have spare parts handy. Great project or parts and is a lams approved classic . Pretty much complete and no you cant wash it then register it. Its a project.
Sat last 5 years on a patio and shows it. Its ugly and good looking at same time lol. Side covers and ducktail in vgc. All mounts intact. Tank has been painted and can see had some sort of liner done internally at some stage and had a repair near seat. Twin disc front, drum rear. 240kmh speedo. Has bumps , bruises, surface rust etc.
Been sitting a long time but not seized. Will crank over, has spark and carbs will need cleaning out and kitting.
Information about Kawasaki for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Kawasaki
Previous owner was 70 and says it ran approx 6 months ago. Plugs not oily. Carbies not seized. Has compression.

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Item ID: 213361
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Kingston, QLD, Australia
Last update: 4.05.2021
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Selling a Kawasaki Z 650 motorcycle project. 5/1981. Not running
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