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2015 Triumph Tiger Used 800L White

$ 0

V5 Registration Document:Present
Date of 1st Registration:20150109
Engine Size:800
MOT Expiry Date:202201
Country/Region of Manufacture:United Kingdom
Extra Features:Case/Topcase
Previous owners (excl. current):2
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Seller Description

2015 Triumph Tiger 800 XRx with full luggage. Great condition, adventure ready!
First the hype, MCN say “Triumph have done an excellent job of bringing the three-cylinder adventure bike up to date and have put some serious thought into making an already good bike even better.” Truth be told, it’s not really geared up for rufty-tufty off-road adventures, this is the XRx, the premium, more road orientated model in the Tiger range.
Triumph added new “rider focused” technologies such as riding modes and cruise control, as well as other enhancements to the XRx. Here’s what has to say:“Electronics are what most distinguish the Tiger 800 XR and XC from their XRx and XCx counterparts. A new throttle-by-wire system sharpens throttle response, smoothes power delivery and improves fuel economy (65 mpg claimed, up from 55) across the board, but on the XRx and XCx, it also enables multiple throttle maps and electronic cruise control. Switchable ABS and traction control are standard on all models, with two modes on the XR and XC (On or Off) and three modes on the XRx and XCx (On, Off-Road or Off). Changes to ABS and TC require multi-step navigation through a setup menu, and can be done only when the bike is stopped.
Information about 2015 Triumph Tiger for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Tiger Triumph
The XRx and XCx have riding modes that combine throttle map, ABS and TC settings, and pressing a button on the dash selects “Road,” “Off-Road” or “Rider.” “Road” and “Off-Road” are preset modes, with throttle response, ABS and TC configured for on- or off-road conditions. “Rider” is a programmable mode that allows any ABS or TC setting and one of four throttle maps (Road, Off-Road, Sport and Rain). Full power is available with all maps, but the degree of throttle angle required to achieve a given level of power varies (Sport is snappiest, Rain is softest).”
I’ve owned it since July 2019, using it for trips, weekend fun and commuting – it’s never been used off-road (I’ve got other toys for that ?). It’s been utterly reliable, never let me down. I bought it from a sensible chap in his 70’s who was retiring from biking. The service book is stamped and there is a pile of receipts from Youles Triumph dealer in Manchester, up to and including the big valve clearance check at 10,000 miles. I’ve done a couple of oil and filter changes in the 8000 miles since and I’ve just bought and fitted two new tyres (Metzler Tourance Next – as recommended by Triumph) and brake pads front and rear. It got a new MOT in January 2020 with no advisories.
The bike is pretty standard.Luggage includes:Triumph branded Givi Outback Trekker top box (48l, I think. Givi made this especially for the Tiger although it is virtually the same as the Givi branded stuff)Givi branded Givi Trekker blackline (33l each, I think). These have a handy half opening at the top for easy access, as well as full opening like a suitcase. There are Kappa branded inner bags (same size / spec as Givi – not sure if they are / were the same company?)Genuine Triumph expandable tank bag
I’ve done some minor mods to make it suitable for me as a tall rider (these can easily be reverted, I’d be happy to do it for you if you want,as long as I keep the parts):Bear Trap footpegs – these are 45mm lower than standard and 10mm larger (I have the originals, see photo) racing jack up kit – raises the rear end by 30mm compared to standard (again, I have the originals – see photo) risers (like Rox, but Chinese) – these raise the handle-bars and position them forwards by 2 inches.
I’ve also fitted a RAM mount behind the screen, it makes it easy to mount a satnav / phone just above the speedo.
There's also a mud slinger fitted to protect the shock absorber from road crud.
The bike is in great condition (appropriate for its age and mileage) with no known faults. The last photo shows the most grotty parts on the bike: the Triumph handguards are marked / scuffed (to be honest, I’ve had Barkbusters fitted, only just removed them for the sale as I will use them on another bike), and one of the bolts on the left hand wing mirror is pitted / rusty (if I was too bothered I’d sand it down and spray it with Hammerite).
The bike is located in Sale (South Manchester / North Cheshire, close to the Trafford Centre) viewings recommended, test rides possible with cash or security in my hand. Remember you are bidding to buy, so please come see it before bidding.
Cash on collection or bank transfer preferred, not PayPal. If you can't collect it yourself I'm happy to liaise with any courier companies - but not really interested in anyone wanting to ship it overseas.

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Item ID: 208499
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Sale, United Kingdom
Last update: 2.04.2021
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2015 Triumph Tiger Used 800L White
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