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Yamaha XS750. Now Sold. Thanks Rob from York

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Yamaha XS750 triple. One previous owner. ( SOLD To Rob from York) thanks.Year of manufacture 1977 (S registration).Under 4000 miles from new.UK bike from newRegistered as a historic vehicle (no MOT required and free road tax).£1000 carb upgrade this winter mikuni flat slides improved starting and smooth power delivery. Original carbs come with the bikeBike is standard looking, paint, exhausts, mudguards, lights, indicators etc. I bought the bike off a guy who sold it for his friend that had owned it from new,The mileage was low due to the original owner hitting the tarmac. He then stripped it down to repair and never got round to re building it.When I got it home some items were missing, some needed re chroming. The bike still retains the supplying dealers number plate.I HAVE NO HISTORY TO PROVE THE MILAGE.The bike has not had a full restoration as it’s as good as they get without it. Items addressedNew professional paint on tank and panels,New left hand exhaust,Re chromed right hand exhaust,Re chromed hand rail, and bracketRe chromed mudguards,New Avon tyres,New vertex battery,Frame, swing arm, and stands touched up using spray paint.New Yamaha indicators,New Yamaha headlight ears that will come with the bike ( the ones on the bike have slight pits).New Yamaha fork legs,New Yamaha mirrors.New mikuni flat slide carbs.
Information about Yamaha XS for sale on this page. See price and photos of the XS Yamaha
Konl shocks.New handle bars.Seat is original.V5 is present and in my name.One key fits ignition, seat,and tank cap.Original supplying dealer number plate fitted.Viewing welcome and invited.Deposit of £200 after agreed sale ( none refundable). Rest cash on collection.Only selling due to wanting a triumph t140 I think.Cant be many left like this.Any questions please email or contact [hidden information]

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Item ID: 208507
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: barnsley, United Kingdom
Last update: 2.04.2021
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Yamaha XS750. Now Sold. Thanks Rob from York
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