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Used Titan Motorcycles For Sale In the United States

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Today are available 2 Titan motorcycles for sale. This listings include Titan Motorcycles from the United States. Use this search form to find the vehicle that you need.

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1999 Titan

1999 Titan

$ 6500
United States

1999 Titan

  • Year: 1999
  • Mileage: 7058
1997 Titan coyote

1997 Titan coyote

$ 0
United States

1997 Titan Motorcycle Custom. Condition is Used. Very nice Chrome and paint very nice.. fresh service. battery, tires, cables. has been stored for 20 years in dry storage freshened up with new seat and bars 96 inch [email protected] Really only has 3340 miles

  • Year: 1997
  • Mileage: 3340
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During these years, the market was dominated by Harley-Davidson, which many wanted to get, and those who were unsuccessful enough had to assemble the model for themselves from spare parts. In the Bl-Book catalogs, when launching a new series of motorcycles, price errors were made, which caused huge difficulties for sellers when selling bikes. Titan went on to launch a series of 25 custom-built Phoenix TRM motorcycles. By 2001, the company's managers were unable to keep their offspring in the market, and then filed for bankruptcy. One of Titan's biggest dealers, Andrew Donald, stuck in Florida with a lot of motorcycles, went to headquarters and bought out the company. Titan got its second birth. In 2007, all Titan assets were transferred to Arizona Motors, and the ex-owner of Titan Motors, Andrew Proudfoot, was charged with fraud and was arrested on March 3, 2007. On August 20, a court hearing was held at which the ex-president did not admit his guilt and the charge was moved to December 17, 2008. But on the morning of December 15, Andrew Proudfoo was shot in the head at his girlfriend's house.